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Sensation Energi is a content management system. It is installed in a very simple way and use. Consists of:

  • FontrEnd
  • BackEnd (admin panel)
  • Plugins
  • Template

Energy CMS is MIT Licence


The installation is done as follows, insert the Energy CMS into the web feeder and open the web browser http: // localhost / energy _cms / instal / indes.php and with a few clicks you have installed. You first need to create a database in PHPMyAdmin and tables will be created there automatically. In a single installation, you need to create a user - admin and site setting.


In our case, Front consists of only one page indes.php and you can always add pages. Front is made as a whole that includes site setup template plugins and writing.

As an example Front on our CMS consists of:

  • 1. Check if the CMS is installed or not
  • 2. Select template (which is used)
  • 3. Installed and active plugins
  • 4. Plugins located left, right or center
  • 5. Select site_setings (title, header, footer,...)

The complete front can be changed and edited in the admin panel.

Our FrontEnd Energy CMS contains:

  • 1. Header
  • 2. Menu with submenu, pages link, link according to admin panel
  • 3. User, and link to user profile
  • 4. Left side with Contact plugins.
  • 5. Cenetr side with Writte (blog)
  • 6. Right side with tow plugins: Login and register
  • 7. Footer

There is also a user page on Frnot.

In user page, login user can be:

Firts table - Profile

  • Edit acaunt
  • Delete acaunt

Second table - Writte

  • Add post
  • Edit post
  • Edit post
  • Delete post

Third table - Comments

  • Delete comments

Download on github


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