Energy CMS & United CMS

Two Content Management System with two Database on one place

Energy CMS

Written in PHP and uses MySql database

It is installed in a very simple way and use. Consists of: FontrEnd, BackEnd (admin panel), Plugins & Template

United CMS

Written in PHP and uses multi JSON database

United CMS is File Flat Content Management System which facilitated the creation of web pages.

Some of our Energy & United CMS components

Energy CMS - Back End

Back End serves to control the site. serves to control the site. It was made as a MVC (Model, View, Controller). Very easy to program and use

File Flat Database - United CMS

The File Flat database is based on "JSON". Data is stored there in a defined form

Settings United CMS

Settings allows you to change names: Title, Slogan, Footer


In our case, Front consists of only one page index.php and you can always add pages. Front is made as a whole that includes site setup template plugins and writing

Run United CMS

In your browser enter the following url address: http://localhost/united_cms It will open page index.php page will, where you should login, or you can go to the REGISTRED page where you will register, then return to the index.php page where you will login

MENU - Energy CMS

Munu serves to control the top menu on the frontend sides. Menu is used to for add menus, submenus. Page is automatically added to the menu when you create a page in the page menu.


Energy CMS

The installation is done as follows, insert the Energy CMS into the web feeder and open the web browser http: // localhost / energy _cms / instal / indes.php and with a few clicks you have installed. You first need to create a database in PHPMyAdmin and tables will be created there automatically. In a single installation, you need to create a user - admin and site setting.

United CMS

You must first download and install an XAMP, WAMP, or LAMP server with a Mysql database on your computer. After installing the server, download from the server, unpack it in the folder: XAMP - HTTP, WAMP - WWW as in Figure 1. Once you have installed the "xampp" server or "wamp", download the UNITED CMS and move it to the "htdocs" or "www" directory.

More details about our components

Energy CMS





United CMS



Download our Energy & United CMS's

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